Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Team!

Umeed-E-Sahar is an arduous effort of an efficient, hard working and enthusiastic team comprising of young minds, who are proud of being a Pakistani and wishes to make everyone else too. Here's a little intro to the team members of Ummed-E-Sahar:

Ahsan Raza Firdousi

Haya Fat
ima Iqbal

A student of Mass Communication at the University of Karachi, Haya Fatima Iqbal is an individual who loves to write, train, educate and read. Her ultimate personal wish is to travel around the globe and to learn as many languages that exist in this world. She can transform from being completely authoritarian to quite funny to QUITE blunt to simply humble and friendly - within a matter of minutes!

Her biggest dream is to make poverty history, though before that, she dreams of a Pakistan where everyone is at least educated up till the primary level, where everyone is truly aware of what is happening around them, and where there is freedom WITH discipline.

For those of you who think going abroad is the only measure of a person's success and intellect, Haya attended the U.S Summer Institute for Student Leaders 2007 in USA, on a Fulbright scholarship. She has also been selected to represent Pakistan in Norway at the International Student Festival in Trondheim 2009. She, however, doesn't feel proud of all this and is only humbled by it.

Sabina Rizwan Khan

Sabina Rizwan Khan is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Mass Communication, from University of Karachi. She is a creative, hard working and compassionate person who likes reading, writing and watching horror movies. Meeting new people and understanding life is what she enjoy the most. Her achievements include winning Third position all over Pakistan in poster competition by Transparency International, a Bronze medal of Duke of Edinburgh Award (U.K.), for Young People and winning Lady Diana's signature stamps through an essay competition. She believes her greatest achievement yet, is living each day, with full spirit, sharing the grandeur of life with others.

Abdullah Jamal

Abdullah Jamal is a student at the department of international relations at the University of Karachi. He has been into debating, public speaking and attending conferences of various kinds. He believes that there is a strong need for re-awakening the patriotism, which existed in our people at the time of partition and teh best way to begin is from our young-adults - school and college students - who shall be the forerunners of the country's betterment.

Manam Iqbal

Manam Iqbal is doing her bachelors in Mass Communication. She is an artist in spirit, who loves photography, sketching, painting, music and playing around with colors. She believes that except for death, the destiny of any human being is in their own hands and that even one person can make a difference. She loves doing communitys service and beleive in sharing the bounty of having a good life with the less priviliged. Manam thinks that a person's life is actually a reflection of his/her own thinking, those who stay optimistic are rewarded generously by life! Her motto is: "I am an artist at living, my work of art is my life".

Khushboo Rafiq

Khushboo is doing a BS in Mass Communication. She is engrossed in participating debate and speech competitions, essay writing, story writing, poster making and compering. Presently, she is the Speaker of Hamdard Naunehal Assembly, Karachi. The objective of her life is to serve up the humanity, especially the people of her country.

Farrukh Zaman

Farrukh is pursuing his bachelors in the Social Sciences from the University of Karachi. An enthusiastic and compassionate person, Farrukh enjoys reading, writing, and traveling. He aspires to work in the development sector in future for he believes that it is the best way to give back to your community.

Areeba Shaikh

Areeba Shaikh is pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from University of Karachi. She is a very devoted, passionate and hard working person whose wish is to adorn her country with the jewels of progress, prosperity and success. She wants every citizen of Pakistan to be educated and be a leader on their own. She has a desire and will to do a lot for her country and especially its Youth.

Apart from this serious stuff, Areeba is a very calm personality who can easily mould her self with the changing situation. In contrast to what she is, she loves to do training, Writing poetry (conditions apply), Listening Music, singing, Using Internet, and Reading different kind of Informative Books, Newspapers and Magazines. Her top most priority is to serve humanity in the best possible way she can and she thinks it’s not difficult either. Her belief is that “If you have the urge to do something you can do it”. She is a positive thinker and a powerful decision maker.

She is a host of program "Bazm-e-Talaba" on Radio Pakistan, Karachi Centre. She has attended a 7-day training course “Train the Young Trainers” conducted by School of Leadership (SoL). She has attended Young Leader’s Conference 2008 and has also participated in Ying Essay Competition, arranged by Transparency International-Pakistan. She made into finals of an International Poetry Competition conducted by She is holding many certificates on various co-curricular activities such as Best Art Work, Best Project etc at school level
and in university as well. She also conducted a research and read her research paper in the seminar named “Mass Media; Their Role And Effects On Society” organized by Department of Mass Communication, University Of Karachi.

Her motto of life is to “Live a Purposeful Life.” She believes that life without a purpose is useless.